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A Recipe for Breaking Through the Inner Personal Barriers

Chicago Book Expo 2001: An Author's Interview  - - -   Get a copy of this book!

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Above is Oprah Winfrey and Vera Gilford the author of How I Broke the Glass Ceiling

New Book: How I Broke the Glass Ceiling

by Vera Gilford

Vera Gilford the author of How I Broke the Glass Ceiling was interviewed by OUTCRY Magazine during the Chicago Book Expo 2001. In the presentation of her new book, she indicated that when people strive to be successful the reward they get must satisfy their own internal need. One cannot find fulfillment in satisfying the need of another. If people get stuck in past experiences, it will eventually hinder their progress in life. Sometimes, children seek to achieve certain objectives for their parents then find out later as adults that the achievement does not necessarily make them happy. They become obsessed with the desire to achieve and the process creates an emotional intoxication. This situation may lead to the addiction to achieve since the appetite remains insatiable.  

Vera Gilford explains in her book that, everybody has individual needs for the way they want to be loved. Many times friends, lover, relatives and even parents believe they know what makes a person happy. In many cases, this may not be true. Instead of assuming the way people want to be loved, we should be asking the question, "How do you want to be loved?"  She stresses that lack of connection to others is the sole reason for unhappiness in relationships, broken families and failed businesses. Many parents lack a connection with their teenage children. Lack of a connection in marriage often leads to divorce. Failure to connect with clients and customers generally leads to an unsuccessful business.

How I Broke the Glass Ceiling is a very powerful book and tool for self empowerment. Vera is a former senior attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, and a former business owner. Gilford is presently a business and financial advisor.

Message from Vera Gilford: Secrets of a balanced life!

To experience total prosperity (health, wealth, and love) the definition that your head and your heart gives must be in alignment.

Whether you are a CEO or a housewife, male or female, if you are willing to go deep within, and explore the awakening of your innerself, you will identify where you harbor your deepest and truest feeling about prosperity.

For the low price of $17.95 get tips on how to break through internal barriers to improve relationships, protect wealth, increase longevity and good health, and enjoy your achievements.

ISBN # 0-9704081-8-8, 202 pages, $17.95 To order, send check or money order to Vera Gilford  P.O. Box 310265,  Miami, Florida 33231. Orders may also be placed through

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