Victimization of a President (Part 2) -- White House Held Hostage!

Can the "Power between the Panties" Destroy the U.S. Democracy?

New attack was launched at President Clinton for allegedly having extramarital affairs with a one time White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. According to the super-embellishment of the news media, this new allegation is supposed to be a serious issue for President Clinton's administration. Sadly, part of the implications is, the American news media is so entrenched in demand for "voyeuristic journalism" to sell news that the value of democracy will be jeopardized in order to feed the hunger of some people for perversion. The question being asked by people across the country is, whose business is it about the sex life of a president? This has nothing to do with his work and should be left alone. Consequently, President Clinton's approval remained high by Jan 23, 1998 few days after the sex scandal came to light.

Did Kenneth Starr Over-stepped his Power?

The involvement of Kenneth Starr with Paula Jones's lawsuit doesn't look good for the country nor for Paula Jones, according to the statement made by Lawrence Walsh, the former Iran Contragate independent counsel being interviewed on National Public Radio by Ray Suarez. The question to ask is, who is Kenneth Starr working for, Paula Jones or the American people? Here, there is a clear conflict of interest. Kenneth Starr has a close tie with the right-wing-extremists, and the same group of people who are supporting and paying for Paula Jones's legal bill. If this is true, the right- wing-extremists are trying their damnest best to destroy President Clinton's administration. In effect, they might have initiated a process that may eventually put their interest in jeopardy, and may destroy the virtues of America's democracy from within.

If it is proven without a doubt that Kenneth Starr tried to wire Jordan to implicate the President of the United States, this is a ground for prosecution. It is a felony for anybody to try to intentionally implicate the President of the United States by entrapment. Kenneth Starr should be prosecuted! The work of an independent counsel is not to go about looking for issues or trying to create a case which doesn't exist. The work of the independent counsel was design to investigate specific allegations of wrong-doing by anybody in the existing administration to find out whether a crime was committed or anybody use the power of their office abusively.

So, in case of President Clinton, it was not necessary to use the independent counsel for events which took place before he got in office and was very improper for an independent counsel to conspire with a civil lawsuit against the President of the United States, and this looks really bad!!! The purpose of democracy is not only to protect people's interest, but also to protect the daily operation of the government which otherwise may put people's lives in danger.

The last time somebody recorded the telephone conversation of a Republican Congressman, his colleagues jumped to his defense claiming that such action is a ground for a felony offense. But, when attempts were being made to entrap the President of the United States and even by Kenneth Starr, the same group of people were silent -- what a form of hypocrisy!!! Perhaps the interest of the country is not being served when different powers control both the legislative and the executive offices of the United States.

The Supreme Court was Wrong, But no Rescue

Although the Supreme Court made an error in clearing the way to begin Paula Jones's civil suit against President Clinton due to bi-partisan bickering and fighting, the Congress could not come to the aid of the President to delay the trial. The Supreme Court's decision is not in the interest of the nation. Under the rule of democracy, the good of one person cannot supercede that of many. People now agree that, this civil trial doesn't look good for America's political image. This has undoubtedly interfered with the daily operation of the government. There are much more important issues than what allegedly happened between the thighs of some women opportunists and the President. Like many people are asking, how can the right of Paula Jones be more important than that of the entire nation? Is this democracy? While we are busy worrying about what happened between the legs of these women, other dangerous developments may be happening somewhere around the world endangering America's interest.

"Power Between the Panties" -- a very Dangerous Weapon!

For years women have been allowed to use the power between their legs to lure men into their nests. After making love to them, they either marry them, release them or even kill them. Power of a woman's sexuality is very powerful because women make the final decision to have sex. This power is so strong, it has brought down even the most powerful of men. History proved this to be true. Lately a woman just lied that a group of football players gang-raped her. She later confessed, she lied! Bill Cosby was about to be extorted of millions of dollars by an ex-lover's daughter, the police rescued him. Now, the President of the United States is about to be dragged through the mud by a group of low-life women in search for opportunities to be in the lime-light, write books and become millionaires!

It is so ironic that a person like President Clinton who has fought very hard for women's right is being subjected to this type of abuse by women working around him. Is this how they are going to repay him for what he has done for them?

Outside the United States, American women are not getting great reviews even from women in other cultures where a President having a mistress is no big deal. Women from other cultures are commenting with shock and disgust how some American women prostitute themselves just to get closer to fame and to some men in power.

The Power of Sexual Desire

Perhaps the most important aspect of the scandals is the reality of human sexuality which people enjoy intensely, but are too shy to sometimes discuss. Sex is very intense and also has human passions and emotions attached to it. It is supposed to happen within a marriage, but the reality is, more sex sometimes happen outside of marriage. Sex outside of marriage is by no mistake because human moral values can be betrayed by intense sexual desires. If it is true that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, increase number of men and women are having extramarital affairs, who are we to judge others? Although it may not be appropriate, but should a President's emotions and desire be different from the rest of the human race and what has this got to do with running a nation?

What's the Real issue

The real issue is not whether President Clinton had an extramarital affair because this is not a criminal offense. The issue is, did the President ask somebody to lie under oath? Can we believe the words of an opportunist like Monica Lewinsky, or the vindictive act of Linda Tripp? Even then, this doesn't warrant any serious offense because a crime was not committed by the President of the United State. Sexual harassment doesn't apply in a case of consented sexual act, only if the woman is forced or coerced to such an act. Furthermore Kenneth Starr over-stepped his authority when he went into President Clinton's personal life.

The argument doesn't stand in a legal court to say, "Your Honor, I can't find enough evidence to bring an indictment against a person, but we need to look at his pattern of behavior and utilize this as a reason to bring the President of the United States down." It sounds more ridiculous than common sense, the law is more specific than that. Kenneth Starr's job as an independent counsel should immediately be terminated when he got involved with Paula Jones's civil suit against President Clinton. What is going to be the next level of investigation by Kenneth Starr? Investigating President Clinton's trash, bathroom, or planting a secret video tape in his bedroom? Sometimes a clear line needed to be drawn between an investigation and common decency. This investigation has gone too far, and may eventually hurt national interest. Instead of this madness, Kenneth Starr should be investigating the role of right wing extremists and how they are destroying the fairness of American democracy.

One fair question is, "Will Americans bury the entire power to run the biggest nation in the world between the legs of women gold diggers and opportunity seekers?"

Editorial by 'Yinka Vidal

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