OUTCRY Magazine's Press Coverage - Chicago Book Expo 1998

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ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings and Sylvia Tencer of Chicago after the  Sunday Luncheon at the Chicago Book Expo

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Alice Walker (Random House) Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and poet at the Author's Sunday Breakfast

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Former aide to President Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos at the Author's Sunday Breakfast

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Award winning authors at the Author's Sunday Breakfast

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Elaine Floyd presented her seminar of Marketing Your Bookstore with a Newsletter

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Amber Books: Yvonne and Tony Rose authors of Hand Book and Guide for the Aspiring Black Model, E.mail: Amberbk@aol.com

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Patricia Haley-Brown author of Nobody's Perfect

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BOOK: Nobody's Perfect by Patricia Haley-Brown (the Black beauty queen speaks)

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