2000 Book Expo - McCormick Place, Chicago

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Self Help and Educational Books: Authors at the Chicago Book Expo 2000
Book Expo 2000 takes place in Chicago at McCormick Place from June 2-June 4
Coming Soon -Book Expo 2001: June 1 -3, 2001 at McCormick Place, Chicago

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Robert Schade: Mexico's Tehuantepec Canal Controversy: An American Diplomacy
Alan Freedman: Driving Pursuits of a Chicago Cabby
Yisrayl Hawkins: The Lost Faith of the Apostles and Prophets 
Yisrayl Hawkins: Peaceful Solutions
Elizar Torres: The Americans Are Coming
Sheldon Kaplan: Tips on how to stop smoking, drinking, gambling and drugs
Book Expo Books #2

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Joan Wheeler LaGrone: From Beyond the Veil: A compelling Story of Life After Death
Jo Lee & Dr. Vernon Lee, How to answer your questions about love and money
R. Wayne Stewart: What is our connection to the Cosmos? What is the Meaning of Life?
Russell W. Patt: Lilitu! Demon Queen or Mother of Man
Bill Handel: The Compass - - - The Spirit of Truth
Cornelius L. Barker and Claudette J. Searchwell: "And Yet He Lived?"
Book Expo Books #3

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Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Code Manuals

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Annie L. Arvie: A.J. The Purple Chickee - - - Children's Book
Joyce Frye: Mommy Tracker Helps Busy Moms Find More Time
Jordan Pubns: Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Code Manuals
Joyce W. Jordan: Marriage Ordained by God - What's the Problem
Robert D. Halpert: The Other Side of the River: A Story About an American War
Carleen Franklin: Soaring to New Heights on the Wings of Eagles
Book Expo Books #4

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101 Ways to Avoid Medical Errors and Prevent Patient's Deaths

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Dr. Witts: Implication of STD. on Teenagers - Witt's End, a Historical Novel

Dolly Braida: Sleep My Sweet Baby and From Sad Beginning to Happy Endings

'Yinka Vidal: 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Mistakes and Save Patient's lives
Mike Cervello: Heart Of A killer --- Horror thriller
Rachel Lieberman: One Co-dependent's Journey To Heal The Wounded Soul
Nazarene Brown: How to make it through the system and attain the American Dream.
Book Expo 2000 at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.
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