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Free Website Design and Free on-line Promotion

Important things to know before obtaining a website

1. Know How Internet Works: It is important you know how internet works before asking people to design a website for you. Many computer service companies are giving out wrong information and misleading people and ripping them off. You do not need $1,000 worth of website to begin your business and you do not need an E-commerce account to start a business on the internet. You can start your on-line business with as low as $52.

2. Start with a Simple on-line Presence: A business can be established on-line with a single page housed on an already existing site for less than $8 a month. All you need is a one page introduction of your product or a couple of pages for an already established business. Spend the rest of your money to market your product on-line and off-line -- from here, let your customers determine the direction of your business. Time and efforts will build your business, not an E-commerce account.

3. An independent URL is not needed to start a business on-line. Every page displayed on the internet is seen by search engines  as a single entity. All you need is a simple address and you are ready to start marketing on-line. Once your business takes off, you can enlarge your internet presence and even obtain an independent URL and link to your original site. An independent URL will incur a monthly fee from $15 to $40 a month and the name has to be registered for $70. These are the expenses you can initially avoid by placing your web pages on already established website and still be able to promote your product and business. The cost of hiring a full time webmaster for $100 a hour can be avoided.

4. Stay away from shopping Malls: On-line shopping malls sells hits and jack up their price to $1000 to $2000 a page. But they do not guarantee how many hits or customers will be delivered to your page. They are the easiest way to lose your money  -- just like gambling on a boat.

5. Start Your on-line Business Small: Big businesses test ideas before putting big money behind them. You can do the same on the internet. Test a series of ideas and see which one works for you or which one delivers the customers. We encourage small businesses on-line to start small just like the old way fashion way for any new business. It takes time to develop any business and the same is true for on-line business. Spending a lot of money initially to start the business is very unwise.

6. Web Page Must Deliver Effective Business Information: Treat your web page as your sales representative -- it must deliver the information to capture the attention of your audience and customers and lead them to buy. You may have to change your strategies a couple of times to evaluate which one works better to deliver the message.

7. Marketing must be incorporated into Website Design: Effective website design must  incorporated marketing into the design. However, delivering the sales message is more important than the cosmetic look of your site. I have seen many good looking sites clustered with so many messages and eventually lose the customer because they fail to deliver the sales message.

8. Every Web Page Needs Time to Grow: Good business do not come over night. Every business must have a time of transition to grow. It makes no difference whether the site was designed for $20,000 or $87 -- every site has to be developed through the same process. The more you pay may not be the more you get on the internet. Start your on-line business marketing slowly and spend a little money at a time till you establish what works to deliver your message and product -- or till your find your targeted audience.

9. Target Your Audience: Every on-line business must find a target audience and where to locate customers before the business can become successful. All the strategies take time and effort.

10. You do not need to have a computer to establish an internet presence: We can design you a web page without you having a computer. Your web page can be seen in a local library after design.

What We Can Do For Businesses

Our mission is to give your business a FREE website design and charge $1.85 a week to house the page.  This will amount to a total of  $97 a year per page -- no monthly fee except a small fee for editing if needed. Businesses are allowed a couple of FREE editing after the page is designed. An extra page is $50 a page per year and the third page is $25 a page per year.  Most people just need a couple of pages to start a business on-line. A web page can be 20 printed pages without graphics, we allow one graphic per page and charge a small fee   for extras.

Originally our package used to cost $87 a page per year, but it has increased due to the incorporation of marketing into our web pages design.

We will also give you a FREE guide to promoting your business on-line without emptying your bank account. We design your page FREE, give you some FREE on-line promotion and charge only $97 per year -- take the rest of your money to promote your site -- it is that simple.

If you already have a website we can design a cost effective on-line promotion for you and will link to your existing site. For more information, please call our office -- see numbers below.

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If you have any question, please give us a call:

Phone: 314-653-0467

Fax: 314-653-6543

LARA PUBLICATIONS, Internet Design Dept. 12382 Trail Forest Lane, Florissant, Missouri 63033     

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Free Website Design -Low Cost Face Lift-Updating

Why should you throw money away? Let us help you design a free business friendly website and give you a free internet promotion. Before you proceed, read this article

One fact you should know, whether you spend $97 for your site or $20,000, it will cost the same amount of money to promote the site. We strongly suggest you spend less for design and more money to promote. We are here to give you hints about what works on the internet.

Please read our article about the tricks behind internet promotion.

We design your website cost effectively with low cost information update on your site. You don't have to pay any monthly fee, just for people to do nothing. Only pay as you use our service per project.

Our price range is from $15 - $25 to $50 - for information updating, on already existing site; $45 to $65 - to design a web page; $97 for 12 months to house a simple business site on our server (web page is designed for free); $197 (Five to 8 pages) to design a simple business or an organization site on an independent URL.

Please visit some sites we designed and are updating:




www.drbrucegoldberg.com (USA Today award winning site)


Please be free to contact us anytime so we can help you design a customer based and friendly website, and if your website needs to be updated, it's a phone call away. Also ask us about our low cost aggressive internet promotion to be released in few  weeks!

An average webmaster charges $100 an hour, can you afford this? Otherwise, give us a call. 800-599-7313.

Victor Vidal, Web Master and Managing Editor, Lara Publications.

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