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OUTCRY Magazine is the collective voices of authors telling their stories to the world through their books. The primary mission behind this magazine is to help authors narrate their stories to educate, motivate and inspire others. Although they are celebrities in their own ways, but their stories are rarely heard. OUTCRY's mission is to help these intriguing authors tell their stories.

Low cost book promotion and marketing, authors promotion and free book review.

We promote books for independent and small publishers looking for a cost effective and continuous exposure for their books. We are glad to tell the story of everyday people through our review of books.

Book Expo Special Issue Los Angeles 2003 (coming Soon)

For questions, E-mail us at: Editor@outcrybookreview.com

We are currently getting ready for the Los Angeles Book Expo 2003  issue. Please send your book for review to our review board as quickly as possible. Our book promotion has enormous advantage because of the following reasons:

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1. Half a page "Book Report" (advertisement).  2. A FREE book review in the same issue. 3. OUTCRY Magazine is served to over 1000 radio talk show producers. 4. Exposed to a minimum of 2000 library book buyers. 5. Included in our book distribution directory for a continuous exposure at no extra cost. 6. Free Internet exposure. 7. A book display in color. *New A Giant Internet Campaign! For more information call 800-599-7313.

COST: You get all these for only $199. We design your own personal web page for FREE pay only $97 a year to house (includes Free on-line promotion). Internet display alone is $97 with maximum of  two books. Book is also included in "interview an author's" page for free. Listing in author's page for interview is free if you participate in any of the above options.

Please send your book to: OUTCRY Magazine, Lara Publications, 12382 Trail Forest Lane, Florissant, MO. 63033. Phone: 800-599-7313. You may fax your request to 314-653-6543. Check or money order must accompany book, including a 200 word synopsis by the author, and a 5 by 3 in. color picture of the author (optional). Make check payable to Lara Publications.

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