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For Book Promotion: What Should I Send?

What to Send:  You can send your book for review and promotion to us at: OUTCRY Magazine, Lara Publications, Book Review Dept, 12382 Trail Forest Lane, Florissant, MO 63033. If the book is not ready, send a synopsis and the front cover (or picture of the front cover).

What to Include: Please include a copy of the book, a synopsis, a copy of the author's picture, a brief biography of the author (optional) and a photo copy of reviews done by other newspapers as review references.

Indicate Choice of Promotion: We conduct both the libraries, bookstores, radio stations and newspapers book promotions. We also promote books through the internet as well. Please indicate your option, visit the author's page: authors.

Please Note: All books will be included in the BookExpo Special issue of our magazine. In 2003, the location of the Book Expo is Los Angeles. If you want to be included in the issue please send your package to us as quickly as possible. Your book promotion continues for 12 months.

What you will get for your book promotion

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What to Send for Business Promotion

Please include text preferably in a disc with Microsoft Word 97 program, and the pictures of the products or person to the displayed at the site. You can send regular text and we will charge a small fee for typing the pages. We now include FREE on-line promotion for your business. Cost per page to house the FREE website is $97 for a year, extra page is $50 and the third page is $25 -- no monthly fee.

Include Check or Money Order to start your book promotion as quickly as possible.

Presently, we accept only money-orders and checks

Please use this Secured order form by clicking this arrow: Arrow2075.gif (4190 bytes)

You can use your credit card, print out the form and send us a check or money order. Lara Publications, 12382 Trail Forest lane, Florissant, MO 63033

If you have any problem with the order form, please call us at 800-599-7313. You may fax your order as well to 314-653-6543.

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