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Book Promotion: We Give Free On-line Promotion for Authors

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Book Promotion

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Jumbo On-line Book Promotion including a FREE additional SIX month promotion

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Please beware of scam and con artists online! Since Internet commerce has ignited, many people have been scammed by businesses appearing to be legitimate and selling less than $200 worth of services to people for $3,000! Recently, we received many calls from our office about companies setting up E-commerce for uninformed people for $3,000. The sad part of all these is, the company did not even design the website -- they want the clients to design their websites themselves. You can develop and design your own E-commerce for less than $300. Similarly, some companies were going from state to state selling bogus hit counts to clients and charging them $2,000 for a web page.

Some of these people have absolutely no conscience whatsoever and they drain people of their money and give them little or nothing in return for it. These companies appear to be doing legitimate business, but they are taking advantage of people's ignorance about the Internet. Anybody can develop a good E-commerce for nothing more than $500 -- even with this price, it is still high, our company can do it for less. For free information and effective marketing online, call Victor at our office at 800-599-7313.

Just remember, Internet marketing is unlike regular businesses -- the more you pay is not the more you get. If you are Internet savvy, you can attain a giant on-line marketing success for less money compared to others. But it takes time, gradual and target marketing for your product to succeed -- no magic button! Don't let people rip you off. You don't need $3,000 to generate an E-commerce account! If you have money to throw away, ignore this warning!

See the crash of I wrote the warning above two years before the disaster. If you get hurt and lost money, accept my sympathy, remember, you were warned!

The on-line and off-line book and business promotion include the following:

bullet1. Design and monitor the web pages for results
bullet2. On-line book review
bullet3. Newsletter is served to over 1,000 radio talk shows producers and hosts
bullet4. Free search engine registration
bullet5. Served to selected newspaper columnists -- 500
bullet6. Numerous classified ads. distributed throughout the Internet
bullet7. Send out reciprocal links
bullet8. Additional FREE on-line promotion for three months
bullet9. Book News Free monthly feature of New Books

All these for only $199?

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This offer is for people with already existing websites. If you don't have a web page, we can design one or two for you -- the design is FREE and you pay $1 a week per page for housing. You can't beat that price any where! Just because you have a website is not a guarantee you will sell if you don't promote your site. Our business is to help you promote your business on-line and off-line!

This is the best and most cost effective on-line and off-line marketing and promotion for your book and business! It makes more sense to spend $52 to test an idea than to spend $1,000.

For on-line and off-line book promotion -- call us at 800-599-7313 or fax your proposal to 314-653-6543. E-mail us:

Lara Publications, Internet Design and Promotion, 12382 Trail Forest Lane, Florissant, MO 63033

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