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Media Report by V. 'Yinka Vidal, Outcry Magazine, Lara Pubns. Florissant MO.

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Book Expo America took place in Chicago from May 28 to June 1, 1998. This giant national book expo included many programs such as educational seminars for booksellers, publishers, book authors, book promotion agents, book lovers. The show also included many receptions, networking opportunities, PMA University, press conferences and many other special events. This is a show never to be missed by anybody involved in book business or from the literary industry, including the media.

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Peter Jennings of ABC News and Sylvia Tencer of Chicago after the luncheon at the Expo

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Elaine Floyd Newsletter Seminar

The expo featured many personalities such as Tom Wolf, George Stephanopoulos, Ed Emberley, Alice Walker,  Michael Emberley, Peter Jennings, Rebecca Emberley, Stephen Gould, Julius Lester, Barry Lopez, David Shannon, Anna Quindlen, Dava Sobel, Adrienne Rich, Jan Nathan, Olga Jordan and many more.

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Tina Jordan, Public Relations Manager - Book Expo

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Jan Nathan, Executive Director of Publishers Marketing Association

According to Tina Jordan, the Press and Public Relations Manager for Book Expo America, the next convention is in Los Angeles, California, from April 30 to May 2, 1999. The show is owned by Reed Exhibition Companies which conduct over three hundred and thirty five events per year on other issues and industries. Reed companies also conduct Book Expo in London, England. The show is sponsored by  American Booksellers Association -ABA (original owner of BookExpo, later sold to Reed Companies after 1996), and Association of American Publishers-AAP. Barbara Bonds Thomas is the President of ABA, Avin Domnitz - Executive Director, and Richard Robinson is the Chairman of AAP,  Pat Schroeder - the President and Chief Executive Officer.Jan Nathan ran the PMA University at the Book Expo.

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Special Attractions at the Chicago Book Expo

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PMA members autograph booth: From left is Dr. Salt author of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, John Beehner, author of How to Get Rich by the Book and the Vampire-Lady looks on.

For membership and other information, ABA can be reached at www.bookweb.org or call at 800-637-0037, (914-591-2665 for New York area). AAP can be reached at www.publishers.org

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