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Publishers Marketing Association (PMA)  was one of the biggest attractions at the Chicago Book Expo this year, 1998, under the directorship of Jan Nathan nicknamed the "Godmother of the Association." PMA helps small publishers to promote their books by creating cost effective avenues for book marketing and numerous educational programs for publishers and authors.

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Jan Nathan

At this year's Book Expo, PMA offered educational seminars, book displays for authors, author's book signing booths, the Benjamin Franklin Award,  and much more. This year's programs included many  receptions for authors and other people in the book publishing industry.

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Susan Blake author of When Spirit Speaks

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Joy Krause author of Spring Cleaning for the Soul

E.mail: SprngClng@aol.com

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PMA Members at Author's  Booth

PMA is one of the leading non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting books for small publishers and new authors entering the arena of book marketing. PMA features monthly newsletter serving close to 5,000 members across the nation and in Canada. If you need to know how to promote your book, this is the organization for you.

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Jan Nathan with Customers

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Claudia Darkins author of A Name I Can't Read

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Liz Oakley at PMA Booth

PMA can be reached at www.pma-online.org Tel: (310)-372-2732, Fax: (310)-374-3342. Address: Jan Nathan, Executive Director, 627 Aviation Way, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

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PMA Seminar: How to Get Funding, Grants and Non-Profit Status

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PMA Seminar: Internet Marketing by Mary Westheimer of BookZone

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