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A Vampire movie! CVK Publishing Presents the Video Tape of the Books in a Movie

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Mystery Books, Vampire HORROR, and Detective Stories by CVK Book Publishing

Below: Download FREE Chapters of the book: Heart Of A Killer

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Now available from CVK Publishing a mystery book and detective story

Heart Of A Killer by Mike Cervello

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525 Pages, $16.00

Presents HORROR

As you like it with a Lena Banks Double Feature!

in mystery books and detective stories

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70 Pages, $4.95

The Refuge of Night

A Modern Vampire Myth with A Bonus Tale Of Renaissance Terror.

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An invisible cult among us disguises themselves as ordinary people. They are immortal with superhuman strength, shape-shifters, and live only by night - the perfect supernatural killing machine with amplified powers from practicing witchcraft. Their goal is to destroy civilization from within by dividing and conquering the Earth.

Our most special agent, Dr. Lena Banks, is  back and has everything to lose if the cult succeeds. Hell gave her all of the equipments to destroy life. The government gave her all of the skills of a professional assassin. All she lacks is the heart to use what she already has in a mystery book and a detective story

Here's the scoop on Heart Of A killer

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by Mike Cervello: For A free Chapter: HeartKiller

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by Mike Cervello

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To order: send check or money order (in US dollars) to : CVK Publishing, P.O. Box 74-8086, Rego Park, NY. 11374 (New York, please include sales tax) United States orders, please include $1.43 for S/H for The Refuge Of Night (Paperback: $4.95) -- Overseas order, please inquire on proper postage. Heart Of A Killer is $16 plus $3.00 for S/H. Order both books and S/H will be free.

Mystery Books and Detective Stories in Vampire Horror

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Download FREE Chapters of the book: Heart Of A Killer

Free chapters Heart Of A Killer

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

CVK Publishing Presents Mystery Books and Detective Stories in Vampire Horror!

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