Coming Attractions!

Below center are Vera Vanguard and Suzannah Underwood

CVS Publishing

Presents A Mike Cervello Production Co-Produced by Anita Durst

Original Sound Track by Star Tracks Edited by Coldcut, LLC Written & Directed by Mike Cervello

Tim Naylor:  Director of Photography

Jose Lorente:  Second Unit Director of Photography

make up by Manny Sarris

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In the book Cover above, left is Jennifer Egan playing Donna Tella, squatting is Vera Vanguard playing as S.A. Dr. Lena Banks, M.D.

Group 1. The video movie is based on the fictional books, The Refuge of Night and the Heart of a Killer by author Mike Cervello. Center in red is Jennifer Egan playing Donna Tella
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Below left  is Eli V. Kerr the Assassin as Donna's Vampire Hit Man #2

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Vera Vangard as Dr. Lena Banks & Suzannah Underwood as Dr. Romola Romano Ph.D.

Vampir5.jpg (5326 bytes) Vera Vangard and Suzannah Underwood with Sky Hosoya in the center

Sky Hosoya, as Warrior Angel, Wai Li Chen vs. Ivan S. Butcher  playing Donna's Vampire Hit Man #1, Anton

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Below is Anna Kendrick as Donna's main target - the Victim

Eric Jones as Vampire hunter and the Bouncer

Anita Durst as S.A. Tina Adams

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Steve Carrobis as Donna's Virgin Hunter #2

Mike S. Scarpelli as Donna's Virgin Hunter #1

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Group II Picture

Below is Sky Hosoya iin Action!

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Inside the  Coffin of a Vampire
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This movie is a Mike Cervello Presentation

It is not for the weak mind, but only for those who dare!!!!!!

Stayed tuned for the release date


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