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African American Booksellers Conference Took Place along Side with the Book Expo. Here are the rest of the Pictures

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Left & above is  Linda J. Gill Cater, Publisher Arabesque Books on Saturday at the Writers and Booksellers Reception, Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago

Entertainment and Presentation at the Congress Plaza  Hotel

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Below Left is Clara Villarosa taking it easy at the Black Board Award, Chicago Book Expo

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Here Clara Villarosa is sitting next to Emma Rogers of Black Images Book Bazaar, Texas.

Picture was taken from the Black Board Awards which was in conjunction with the Sunday Book and Author Breakfast, Chicago Book Expo 2000.

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Above is Rubin Hurricane Carter being introduced by  James S. Hirsch Above left is Julia D. Shaw, President, Shaw Literary Group

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Tonya Marie Looks on as she is being introduced by her mother. They are both attorneys and Tonya is a Performance Poet

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