Sept 14, 1998: American democracy on a collision with disaster, only God can deliver us!

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The Entire Congress of the United States Must be Dissolved!

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I do not believe it's the damn business of the Congress of the United States to educate my children about oral sex. The act of putting pornography on the internet just for political gains is the most despicable thing any of you could ever have done to pollute the minds of American children and destroy their innocence!

The Congress of the United States is supposed to represent the best of the best to protect the interest of the people and our children. We believe and trusted you to define the line of common decency and morality by the way you conduct yourself and the entire legislative process. No matter what happened to any of you based on indiscretion or even the President of the United States, there are lines which people don't cross. You, as the lawmakers have violated that trust of common decency and I believe all of you with no exception must resign. For the sake of this country and the future of our children, let us have people with the sense of decency and high moral standard to define what we expose to the public and what we keep secret. Most of you talk about family values and standard of decency to protect children from inappropriate materials on the internet, yet the same fools put pornography on the internet for American children -- what a flaming hypocrisy! All of you should be ashamed!

The graphic details of the President's sex life doesn't belong to the internet. Perhaps it is true that many of you will invite your children to the bedroom while  having sex with your spouses, many of us in the public sector don't. Otherwise, you will not invite every body to the dinner table to discuss the graphic details of a President's sex life. Although, I don't agree with President Clinton's affair, how many of you are innocent? At least the President did his affair in secret, and he did not conduct a news conference to discuss his encounter with Monica Lewinsky. But the Congress of the United States now asks everybody in the world, including little children to watch President Clinton having sex with Monica Lewinsky. What an act of barbarism! Do you people have any brains left at all? I know there is a struggle for power between the courts and the Legislative branch of the government, but should we drag the presidency into the sewer? You have achieved nothing by putting this garbage on the internet to ridicule President Clinton. Evidence now show that Kenneth Starr has no case but the concocted bull which will not withstand legal arguments. For example, since when does a lie constitute an abuse of power? If that is the case, all politicians have lied to us at one time or another, and you should all be removed from office.

America attained its glory through a democratic process that recognizes the lines of common decency and moral values. We tell the entire world to look at us and see how we conduct the government because a political opponent is not an eternal enemy. It was the same statement echoed by Senator Bob Dole when he was asked to attack President Clinton's personal life. He said, "President Clinton is my political opponent and not my enemy." Senator Dole - the most honorable man defined a line of decency he would not cross. Shouldn't we expect similar values from the Congress of the United States? Prior to the release of the report, many people in the media were saying that the Congress would clean the report before releasing it to the public. We are now disappointed as the same Congress dumped pornography on our laps.

We investigated the White Water case and found nothing. We dipped into Vincent Foster case and found nothing. Later we went into the White House travel office and still could not find anything substantial. But, we have to get President Clinton at all cost to destroy his political career and his family. So, we planted a slut in the White House since we know of the President's weaknesses. Now, after spending close to 60 million dollars, this is the only trash we can come up with! This is a mockery of the political process, an abuse of the independent counsel's status and a great embarrassment for America! If Kenneth Starr took his investigation into the gutter without any rule of common decency, the Congress of the United States doesn't have to follow him to that low level. If that's the case, one more piece of evidence is missing, this is the video tape of President Clinton's bedroom. People should be able to see for themselves what happens in the bedroom of the President and the First Lady!

In the process of a relentless pursuit to destroy President Clinton's political career, we don't have to destroy the nobility of American democratic process. I'm ashamed of the Congress of the Unites States. How far can you go to destroy a President just because he had sex with a woman other than his wife? How many of you have done the same thing?

Perhaps this may be the beginning of the end of America's demo-hypocrisy!

God's Judgement!

"If not the Lord buildeth the house, the builder work, but in vain," Psalm 127 vs1. If the Lord is standing next to President Clinton and has anointed him to lead this nation, not ten thousand Kenneth Starr's reports can destroy his presidency. I hope and pray that Kenneth Starr gets all that is coming to him from the Chief Justice from above! Amen!

Yinka Vidal, Managing Editor (and Concerned Parent).

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