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Office Politics: 28 Survival Strategies, March 25, 1999.

Pope's Visit to St. Louis Missouri   Pope's Visit - Shepherd1

President Clinton Prevails

True reasons behind the impeachment attempt

The death of American democracy:DemoHypocrisy

Kenneth Starr failed to make his case: Kenneth Starr

Dr. Laura Schlessinger learns a lesson in humility: Dr Laura Schlessinger

CRISIS! CRISIS! As the city crumbles, what happens to Black journalists and leaders: Rescue Me -- searching for solutions!

Seven Basic Principles of Emotional Healing:Self Healing

American democracy on a collision with disaster: Congress.

Panties Power President Clinton under siege - character assassination with the panties, and American democracy in big trouble!

Serotonin -- an article on the roles of stress is serotonin dysfunction relating to migraine, depression, lack of sexual drive, anger, and suicide. Is your job stress tearing up your brain cells? This article will tell you how to manage stress -- before it gets the best of you.

If you think you have problems and your life is so miserable, please read this article: Can you tell which lizard has a stomachache? Painful Moment

Thirty years after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King -- We still have a dream. Is this White racism or Black stupidity? Mind Slave

Learning to overcome despite the odds Fire.htm

Greed in health care. Are church pews for sale? health.htm

Hospitals management in crisis hospitals2.htm

Pope's outcry about greed in health pr01.htm

The "power of the panties" fails! ClintonPrevails.htm

The achievements of a remarkable president BClinton.htm

President Clinton under attack Presiden.htm

Paula Jones and the victimization of a President pjones.htm

Victimization of a president (part 2) victim2.htm

Romantic Clues, learn from other couples couples.htm

The death of lady Diana Princess of Wales: princess.htm

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