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President Bill Clinton -- Will his enemies derail his government?


The Death of American Democracy And the Rise of Political Extremists!!!

The government of the people for the people by the people -- is the traditional definition of democracy understood by political science scholars across the world. However, there are basic components making the truism of the definition real. The principle adherent qualities of democracy include the representation of people's opinions by the government, maintaining fairness in governing people and retaining equality of individuals under the law. The people, subsequently enjoyed among other things the freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness. Critical to these values are the most powerful elements of civilization including compassion, forgiveness and mercy.

America is a nation of law and order, but we also learn to temper justice with mercy. This is the principal reason why judges look at the situations leading to a particular crime or offense before delivering punishment. Consequently, we don't give a death sentence to minor offenses and we learn to allow punishment to fit a crime especially when such a crime was prompted by human nature, desire and justified emotions.

Monica Lewinsky's affair with the President, the involved scandal and the damage to the government taught us one important lesson that, even the most powerful people in the government are not immuned from the weaknesses of human flesh and desire. We have all been through the temptation of flesh and the need to immediately conceal the truth.

Rise of extremists

In spite of these political problems, the issue facing America today is not the Lewinsky scandal, but the gradual destruction of American democracy by political extremists. The Lewinsky matter however brought out the danger to American democracy   by the rise of extremists in government fueled by the cancer of propaganda journalism. Vengeance is theirs because they believe that God has given them the divine power to rule over the human race. They hide their own skeletons in the closet to besiege others with eternal damnation and condemnation. The extreme desire behind Napoleon's actions or Hitler's genocide is no different from the political extremism we observe today. These type of people don't have compassion for others, and are mostly obsessed with their own ideologies and don't give a damn about other people or those they profess to govern. Extremists are mostly self centered, self serving and are primarily driven by their own ego and selfish ambitions and gratifications. Pleading with them is a waste of time because, such behavior tend to energize their wickedness -- they lack basic compassion for humanity.

Initially, "Contract with America" which most people believed was "Contract on America" was designed to create a government which represents the opinions of the people. Kenneth Starr's report was placed on the internet to give Americans the opportunity to give feedback to the Congress the way to proceed with the matter. Yet, when the people told the Congress to end the matter and move on with the nation's agenda, the Congress refused and instead decided to carry on a trial which neither benefited the people nor the government. The extremists claimed that they have a constitutional right to destroy President Clinton's place in history because he has not gone down on his knees begging for mercy despite his repeated apologies to the nation. Many people believe that the extremists are using the incident of President Clinton to usurp the entire political power in American government for their own personal gains!

Based on Outcry Magazine's polls this weekend of December 12, 1998, 90% of the people questioned about the action of the Congress against President Clinton believed that the Congress of the United States has violated people's trust by a disregard for people's opinion. They are yelling vengeance against extremists in the next election. Some people felt personally insulted by the Congressional action against the President this weekend.

"How can these people claim they believe in God when they have so much hatred for the President?" said Albert from Chicago. If we all read the same Bible, Jesus believes in forgiveness for a repented sinner, while hypocrites believe in death sentence for their accusers.

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ -- II Corinthians 11 vs13.

Democracy is not a government hijacked by a group of people enslaved by their own ideologies, but a government based on diversities of opinions in discussion, negotiation, compromise, compassion, forgiveness and mercy. These elements make us different from the fundamental extremists in other countries who believe in murdering innocent people to send political messages. When we remove these critical elements from government, we no longer have democracy but an autocracy controlled by the elite. An autocratic type of government doesn't  represent the opinion of the people as we have recently observed the demise of democracy in American politics.  People are now waking up to see the serious dangers of human rights violation inherent in a government dominated by extremists!

Final outcome

What President Clinton was alleged to have done was no different from what any married man involved with a single woman would have done. Human needs, desire and hunger tend to find outlets for expressions, and the President is no exception. Privately, most people don't have problems with what happened because they know the intricacy of human emotions and desires.

If America issues death penalty for traffic offenses, then President Clinton should be impeached. Otherwise, the nature of the offense does not warrant a capital punishment and America's democracy is better preserved to temper justice with mercy.

The critical problem in the nation upsetting a lot of people is the disregard of the Congress of the United States for the opinion of  "we the people." At a moment and time when a government no longer represents the opinions of the people, that government should be dissolved.

If President Clinton goes down on his knees begging with tears coming down his checks, the extremists would not have changed their positions. These are very wicked and mindless people! They want to empower themselves to control the nation. Begging them for forgiveness will add more to their arguments about a weak President and validate their reasons to remove him from office.

Let the extremists exercise their political power. The worst final outcome will be a censure and these extremists will definitely be kicked out from office in the next election -- the movement is underway.

Sometimes, relentless desire drive human to the height of extremism and closer to danger and self  destruction. Come the next election, people will stand up and save American democracy from the danger of political extremism.

Based on the behavior of extremists, no apology will persuade people without compassion for others. If repeated apologies by the President to the nation would not change the hard minded people in the Congress, nothing else would. From the legal point of view, the President should not put himself in legal jeopardy just to appease some extremists -- it a very dangerous move!

No matter what this Congress decides to do, the forgiving nation is 66% behind President Clinton and the train of political extremists will eventually crash and burn.

Long live democracy!

Editorial by 'Yinka Vidal

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