President Clinton: Not Guilty As Charged!

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Actual Reasons Behind President Clinton Charges

Kenneth Starr was given a job as the independent counsel to investigate President  and Mrs. Clinton's Whitewater  affair. He was to investigate their involvement with the savings and loan issue in Arkansas regarding the business transactions that took place before Governor Clinton was elected as the President of the United States. After years of investigations consuming over 40 million dollars, Kenneth Starr found nothing substantial and later decided to look for something at all cost. He went into the investigation of Whitehouse travel, nothing came out of that. Later he investigated the death of Vincent Foster which was known to be suicide -- nothing came out of that either. After Kenneth Starr spent so much money on his investigation and did not find anything to pin on President Clinton, he started investigating other things about the President. Finally Linda Tripp came to his office with her story because of the loose mouth on Monica Lewinsky bragging about her affair with President Clinton -- now Kenneth Star believed he had something! At this time, Paula Jones had sued President Clinton for sexual harassment  because of the incident which allegedly happened in Arkansas while he was the governor (as if asking for sex is against the law).

Sadly, the nation was confused as to the legal implications of Paula Jones's suit against the President because of the involvement of the Monica's affair and the media propaganda. Legally, Paula Jones had no case. It is not against the law to ask a man or a woman for sex. Soliciting for sex or demanding sex to give a person promotion on the job is against the law. However, if Paula Jones's incident was true, it still did not merit a case of sexual harassment -- that is why it was thrown out of court earlier. Sexual harassment law was designed to protect a worker from a predatory boss who insisted on having sex with a subordinate to guarantee promotion or  as a requirement to retain a job. If the affair was mutual between the boss and the young lady -- like that of Monica Lewinsky, it is not against the law!

Years ago, it used to happen that some women were forced into situations to have sex with their bosses to retain their jobs. If she refused to have sex with him and as a result was fired or suffered adverse job consequence because of her refusal, that was where sexual harassment law came to play. Later, the women's group stretched the law to persistent requests for sex, sexual jokes, or any behavior on the job by a male that the female found inappropriate.Some women have argued that it can be a case of sexual harassment if a man tells a woman she has nice legs! But, the same woman can be angry if the man ignored to compliment or notice her nice or new hair-do, pretty blouse or new pair of shoes! Also, it is not considered sexual harassment when a woman shows up for work in mini-skirt, a split between her skirt all the way to her panty line, or showing so much cleavage making the men jump out of their pants! Give me a break!

What Went Wrong? Regarding the President's case, many things went wrong here. First, a seating President could not have been sued over civil matters while in office other than as a materiality to criminal conduct. If anybody is allowed to sue a seating President, then this is an assumption that the good of the whole nation or millions of people is not as important as the one who instituted the suit. In other words, the good of Paula Jones superceded that of the nation. In a democratic society, this is a fallacy -- the Supreme Court ruling to allow Paula Jones's case to move forward was wrong! Second, Kenneth Starr should never have been given so much  unlimited investigative and prosecutorial power as an unelected individual. He seemingly must have been running another branch of  the government of the United States without checks and balances. An independent counsel should have been allowed to investigate one case and end it in a timely manner with time limitation. He should never have been given the latitudes to investigate anything he wanted -- power do corrupt after a period of time, Kenneth Starr is not an exception! Fourth, why should anybody be investigating an issue which has nothing to do with the President while in office, but of things which happened before being elected? If the President was never investigated as a governor why is this necessary after he became a President? Similarly, Paula Jones could not have initiated her suit if  Governor Clinton went into retirement or became a gas station attendant. How then can a nation protect a seating President from gold diggers? What was the real reason behind the entire movement to impeach President Clinton by the extremists?

Real Reasons Behind the Impeachment Trial: People who do not understand the whole political football will blame the President for misleading the nation, having extra marital affair with Monica Lewinsky and giving the grand jury legally correct but inadequate answers. People who were after the President could care less about all those issues. The incidents are their legal excuses for going after President Clinton and trying to remove him from office. The primary reason is, the extremists don't like President Clinton's policies of a rainbow America -- they hated his policies of inclusion! The extremists want to take over the entire power of the government despite many of them have the control of the courts. Their agenda is not a democracy, but an autocratic government controlled by a few where the only people that matter are those ones chosen by them as a definition of America. President Clinton included everybody in his government including women, minorities and other ethnic  groups. The extremists hated this with passion! That is part of their major reasons for hating President Bill Clinton. Those with confused political ideologies don't understand the real reason behind the anger of the extremists, but they chose to join them without realizing the ulterior motives of this group of political tyrants! They hated President Clinton because he has compassion for humanity, the extremist don't! The extremists are controlled primarily by their political ideologies, politics of exclusion, survival of the fittest, and the definition of American by their chosen definition. These extremists don't believe in democracy but demo-hypocrisy -- a government in paper that appears to be democratic, but operates primarily by the autocracy of the few. Due to the extremism of their ideologies their desire to get President Clinton became an obsession!

At A Moment of Obsession Any Good Idea Becomes Dangerous: There is nothing wrong with having an idea. But, when we resort to attaining a particular goal by all means without boundaries, such an idea becomes an obsession. Consequently getting President Clinton became an obsession for all those extremists who wanted to destroy him. Thank goodness, they failed!

Process of Politics And Governing of People: The process of electing government officials is based on politics. But the process of governing people must never be based on politics but the basic principles of negotiation, compromise and resolution of differences to attain a majority of opinions assumed to be good for the nation.When we denigrate the process of governing into the carnival of ideological extremism and self interest, the true value of democracy is lost. Although democracy is not perfect, but we can not allow selfish motives and ideological extremisms to destroy the history of American democracy by dragging the nation to the level of absurdity.

Will America Regain Its Democratic Greatness? There is no doubt that many people around the world started to question the value of American democracy when a seating President is intentionally ridiculed by ridiculous accusations of which issues have nothing to do with his job as a President. America used to be embraced by the democracy of  "although difference in ideologies but not necessarily enemies" -- this part is lost. It may never be regained because those who lost in the impeachment trial are going to wait for a brief period of time and wage another assault at the Whitehouse again. Extremist don't like to lose or concede to a defeat! So, ladies and gentlemen, round one is over, stay tuned for the next rounds as the relentless of human obsession drive people to dangerous heights.

The only way America's democracy can recaptivate it original virtues is to ignore talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh for influencing  and polarizing so many people because of his passionate hate for the Clintons! The media has also seized so much power in controlling the government of the United States -- they forced President Clinton to talk about the Monica Lewinsky issue. The President was forced to say the wrong thing, and trouble started. "Oh my God he lied to us," -- brainless idiots! The man was pressurized for God's sake!

The greatness of American democracy lies not only in the freedom of speech, right to choose, and the pursuit of happiness, but also the importance of recognizing where to draw the line of common decency. The way President Clinton was treated by Kenneth Starr was very shameful notwithstanding what he was investigating! Going after potential witnesses' family members, stripping  the President of all his legal rights including asking his attorney to testify against him just to get information is unAmerican and very undemocratic! This is madness! What happened to the law against unreasonable search and seizure?

If America must regain its political greatness under the banner of true democracy, America must end the process of political cannibalism and the relentless desire to destroy other people because of their  opinions. When we resort to hating people because of their political positions or the way they choose to run their government, we then violate the same principle America's democracy is based upon. We must learn to forgive and forget and rise to the occasion of including everybody's right and welfare under the banner of true democracy. America is known as a great nation because of an example of  almost a perfect (or seemingly perfect) democracy where everybody's right is protected under the constitution. We can no longer say the words, we must live the words. We embrace the discussion of issues to arrive at an adopted idea or a principle. We learn to comfortably argue our positions without hate. When we can not agree, we allow a room for compromise. When compromise fails, the majority carries the vote as we agree to disagree and embraced the adopted motion for the good of the country. This is what we should be exporting to other evolving democracies around the world, not the politics of   ideological selfishness, divisiveness, extremism or self destruction.

Thomas Jefferson, July 4, 1776: We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. Long live American democracy! Long live President William Jefferson Clinton!

Editorial by 'Yinka Vidal, OUTCRY Magazine, Feb. 13, 1999.

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