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President Bill Clinton Prevails

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Victorious Bill Clinton

February 15, 1999: In the trial of the president of the United States President Bill Clinton on the obstruction and perjury charges brought by the House Managers, the President was found not guilty!

In an overwhelming vote of 54 not-guilty and 45 guilty for the first article of perjury, and 50 not guilty and 50 guilty for the obstruction of justice charge. The votes went along the part line with 9 Republicans crossing over to Democrats to acquit the President on the perjury charge.

With great thanks to God, the President of the United States has been acquitted of the charges brought against him by the House. God Bless America!

Stay tuned for the comprehensive editorial on Sunday Feb. 17, 1999 addressing the real issues behind this trial. You may be shocked to know that this has nothing to do with the President's affair with Monica Lewinsky,   or Paula Jones's case, it has to do with the politics of ideology -- the relentlessness of human obsession.

"At the moment of obsession, any good idea becomes very dangerous"

'Yinka Vidal, Reporting for OUTCRY Magazine from St. Louis. Missouri

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