Deceptions Concerning Yahweh's Calendar of Events by Yisrayl Hawkins

      Many individuals come to realize that many pagan doctrines have crept into Christian teachings.  However, it seems that few ever come to realize the full extent that pagan Religious Ideas have gained control over all governing entities - whether religious or political.   

    These Pagan Religious Doctrines in honor of the gods, without exception, originated in Ancient Babylon.  These same doctrines were nourished and cultivated in Ancient Egypt, and then were subtly and charismatically spread throughout the world.  There is not one segment of society that is not touched by this Pagan god Worship!  These Doctrines - always appearing to be so innocent and so desirable - play a major role in almost every religion on the Earth today.  And, the lies and falsehood inherent in these doctrines have gone undetected.

    The Obelisks - the ancient symbol of sun god worship were first erected in Babylon, these monuments spread throughout Egypt, and are now strategically located throughout the world:  many were transported to Rome from Egypt.

    This Sun God Worship had subtly spread throughout the world, and its doctrines and religious customs have penetrated and spread even deeper, with deadly accuracy, affecting the lives of everyone living on this planet.

    The Scriptural Truths once hidden are now being brought to light for all to see.  Excerpts from Time magazine, 12-4-1998 quoted from the article In Search of Moses:

   "...And YHWH is certainly masculine";

    "...In another response Yahweh announces His name as YHWH, a Hebrew word that many have derived from the word 'to be.' It came to be regarded as so holy that it could not be pronounced and was read out loud instead as Adonai, or 'the Lord'." (emphasis ours)

   "...On the Trail of Moses--Historians disagree on the route taken by Moses..." (One of the many topics explained in this book.)

    Deceptions, written in 1988, is the same - What had changed is the cover!  This book brings forth the Deceptions which have crept into the Religions of This World, and shows the danger of this deception.

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