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The End has not come! There is still  time for    THE PEACEFUL SOLUTION Yisrayl Hawkins

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Yisrayl Hawkins, has written several books all concerning the Laws and Prophecies written in the Holy Scriptures. - - - - Click Here to Continue

Unveiling Satan! Her True Identity Revealed by Yisrayl B. Hawkins.

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Unveiling Satan! Her True Identity Revealed


Yisrayl Hawkins

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The concept of Satan (Lucifer) being a Female is not a new one. In fact, in ancient folklore, Satan is frequently described as a female. However, through the Great Deception that she has managed to spread throughout the world, Satan has effectively Disguised Her True Identity from mankind in order to steal worship that is due to the Creator only. Today, she is worshipped under many names and titles, both as a male and female, although those who worship her do not even know they give her reverence.

Within the pages of this book, you will find Astounding And Undeniable Proof, Facts that have been hidden for hundred of years. These Facts  have been hidden by the lying pen of the scribes and translators under Lucifer's direction, in order to Deceive the world. Some of the facts written in this book were well-known in the 15th century. However, many documents containing these facts were destroyed in the book burnings until the 17th century. This was Lucifer's attempt to further disguise herself in her quest to keep the world deceived.

However, these mistranslations have been located using copies of ancient writings and by understanding the ancient Hebrew Language, in order that this plan of salvation for mankind may be known by those living in the Last Days.

Unveiling Satan! reveals these deceptions fostered by Satan which are causing this world to rush headlong to nuclear annihilation. Read this book along with your Bible, and prepare yourself for Shocking Enlightenment, as well as interesting reading, vital to salvation. If you want to escape this great deception and the curses that are prophesied for the days that are upon us now, you need this book. At last, the veil is being removed!

Unveiling Satan! 493 pages, retail price $39.95. ISBN# 1-890967-12-2.

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Devil Worship: The Shocking Facts! ISBN# 1-890967-10-6, 616 pages, $29.95.

Can We Avoid The Next Holocaust?

ISBN # 0-9649618-0-6,

328 pages, $21.95.

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There Is Someone Out There!

ISBN 0-9649618-3-0

382 pages, $24.95

The Lost Faith of the Apostles and Prophets

ISBN 1-890-967-00-9 198 pages, $19.00

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