#1 End Predictions by Yisrayl Hawkins

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Yisrayl Hawkins

The End by Yisrayl Hawkins

In the Next Two Years, The Worst Horrors Ever In the History Of mankind Will Come Upon The Earth!

The End is here! Much chaos is seen in the many uprising, revolutions and failing governments throughout the world. Nearly every nation is now unsafe for its citizens. Famine, hunger, and diseases are more prevalent, as hatred and war increase both in number and severity.

According to today's news, many nations are purchasing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to carry these weapons to distant foreign nations. Other nations are selling the technology to produce these weapons that will bring world destruction. The very nations which buy and sell weapons capable of destroying all life from planet earth actually fear this destruction, yet the weapons trade continues unchecked.

As is true every day now, hatred is extreme throughout the world, in every nation and household, including the land of Israyl; the once Holy Land.

We have very little time left. All of Daniyl's prophecies have come to pass, except for the destruction which will end the Seven Year Plan of Peace. This will be the worst time of trouble ever for all nations. We only have a few months left of this Seven Year Peace Plan. It was signed September 13, 1993 and went into effect October 13, 1993.

There is a simple solution for obtaining peace, but due to today's ideology, peace eludes the mind of today's world leaders. The whole purpose of this book is to educate others concerning this plan. If implemented quickly, this plan will without doubt bring peace within and between nations. This plan is greatly needed at this time throughout the world.

This book was written to warn the world, leaders and people alike, of what the bible says is coming upon the world, why it is coming and what can be done to save yourself and your family. There is a way out!

Books-A-Hoy Publishers, Inc. P.O. Box 5555, Abilene, TX 79608.

Tel. (915)-672-9492, 368 pages, retail price $19.95. ISBN# 1-890967-21-1

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