Peaceful Solutions by Yisrayl Hawkins

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Yisrayl Hawkins

The Peaceful Solution, Vol. 1, by Yisrayl Hawkins

Yahweh's 613 Laws of Peace of all Nations

Many people today would like to see their children practicing peace instead of war. They would like to teach the Laws of righteousness to their children. They do not like what they see their children facing at this time. Up to this point, there has been no books written that teach these Laws, and the curses that we bring upon ourselves when we do not keep them.

The nation of Israyl was once taught these 613 Laws. For a number of years they also taught these Laws to their children. As a result of following these Laws, all Israyl and even neighboring nations had peace.

However, Israyl turned from these righteous 613 Laws and like families today found themselves in a great dilemma. Instead of receiving blessings, they brought curses upon themselves. Instead of having Peace they had war after war.

Israyl had become like all other nations. They became a wealthy nation. Their lives were filled with responsibility. They had no time to study these Laws of Peace and Righteousness. They soon stopped teaching these Laws to their children.

Every mother and father has the desire that their children will be righteous. The problem is that few parents have the time in their busy schedules to learn the 613 Perfect Laws of Righteousness for themselves, let alone be able to teach them to their children.

Today's world finds itself in the same dilemma that Israyl was in during Daniyl's lifetime. All nations are suffering from the curses which the Inspired Prophets revealed for this generation.

As a result of the world ignoring and changing the proven Laws of Peace, the worst time of trouble ever in the history of mankind will take place in this generation.

This book is designed for all ages. The purpose of this book is to help every person develop the ability to teach these Righteous Laws of Peace.

If these Laws had been taught to the nations for the past one hundred years, instead of teaching the ways of destruction, we would not be facing a nuclear holocaust today.

That is why these books are so important for all of mankind today. These books reveal the True Way to Peace.

Books-A-Hoy Publishers, Inc. P. O. Box 5555, Abilene, TX 79608. Tel. (915) 672- 8100, Attn: Tamamyah, 624 pages, retail price $29.95. ISBN# 1-890967-24-6

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