#4 President Obasanjo's Visit to U.S. OUTCRY Magazine Press Report, Oct. 1999
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America Welcomes President Obasanjo of the Republic of Nigeria

Analysis of President Obasanjo's Visit to U.S.

Wednesday's Reception: October 27, 1999

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Starting with Wednesday's reception, President Obasanjo demonstrated a strong sense of dedication and determination to improve Nigeria. He successfully articulated the primary reason for his election victory due to the divine intervention from God. He believed God called him to do a job and with His help and under the watchful banner of democracy, Nigeria will prosper. At this time, he expressed a wonderful theme saying, "If God has called you to do a job and you refused to do His will, God will punish you!" President Obasanjo received a wonderful standing ovation for his speech. Europeans may not understand Africans strong faith in God. It is very important to emphasize here that the utilization of  faith in God  by President Obasanjo is strongly what he believes and not a political rhetoric.

Undoubtedly and seeing what he has accomplished so far within few months in office, God is on his side. Once more, God is on the Nigerians' side. Once while seeing the decay in Nigeria, some of us were thinking that perhaps God might have departed from Nigerian. We saw the military leaders looting the country's revenue and people continuing to suffer. It was a friend who said, "Yinka, God did not depart from Nigeria, it was Nigeria who departed from God. I believe he was right."

President Obasanjo put everybody at ease during his presentation and occasionally threw in some jokes during the reception. This was the relaxed atmosphere he created and maintained throughout his speech to Nigerians at the Capitol Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. He is a good salesman. Even President Clinton agreed with that one and he mentioned it during the news conference in the White House.

After examining the trip of President Obasanjo, there is no doubt he is a dedicated man in love with Nigeria and ready to liberate Nigerians from the residual  effects of the oppression of the past government. Nigerians from all over the United States watched President Obasanjo in the news with great joy. When they heard of the list of his accomplishments so far, some said that God truly picked the right person for the job to lead Nigeria. It is therefore highly important that all of us Nigerians both at home and abroad listen to his call. We should join hands together to support the continuous liberation of Nigeria by President Olusegun Obasanjo. We must put aside our tribal and ethnic differences and work together to heal the deep wounds and create a prosperous Nigeria. Like the old saying, "A nation that is divided against itself can never stand." We should also remember the verses from our old national anthem, "Thou tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand." Racism of any kind is very destructive to the progress of a nation. We must all unite together to build a new Nigeria.

Nigeria's Future

The future of Nigeria is dependent on our ability to eradicate armed robbery, increase government work efficiency, create jobs by reestablishing the business infrastructure, establish an uninterrupted electric and telecommunication system, industrialize Nigeria and computerize the entire government systems. According to President Obasanjo, no business person would want to invest in Nigeria if crime continues to be the way of life. God is giving us the last opportunity to make Nigeria a better place for our children. It is now up to us to listen to His call and follow His direction.

President Bill Clinton's Participation

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While I was in the White House for the entire day on Thursday October 28, I studied a democratic government in action and was very pleased with some of what I observed regarding the freedom of press and its crucial role in democracy.

During the press conference, President Clinton intrigued me to no end by his genuineness and appreciation for diversity in people. He did not have a stand-offish attitude in any way like some leaders.

His body language was well connected with that of President Obasanjo. President Clinton was very relaxed, jovial at times and serious when necessary and straight to the point. By seeing him in person and being an observer of body language, this press conference  confirmed my deepest respect and admiration for him. He is a man who truly cares about people and always willing to make a difference with people regardless of color or race.

Consequently, those who refuse to credit President Clinton (including the jury of history) for his achievements , will be guilty of a crime against history and humanity!

Report by V. 'Yinka Vidal on the road with President Obasanjo of Nigeria, Washington, D.C.

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