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OUTCRY! The Slaughter of 1000 Black Soldiers!

The Slaughter: A Shocking Story of Human Tragedy Due to Hate and Prejudice!

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In the Fall of 1943, over 1000 Black soldiers were murdered by the U.S. Army according to the book: The Slaughter: An American Atrocity by Carroll Case (published by FBC, Inc., 300 pages, $25.95) According to the author, the book exposes a shocking racial crime of unprecedented proportions in American History.

At camp Van Dorn --- an Army base in the south of Mississippi, a group of unarmed 364th Infantry soldiers were trapped and slaughtered. The evidence was covered up by the Army because many of the documents and records were either lost or missing. In 1994, the author gained access to some of the classified materials which were recently de-classified.

According to the author, the atmosphere of racism and prejudice generating so much hostility against Black soldiers in the Army were known to the department of War (Defense Dept.) but did nothing about it. This indifference of the government increased the hostility against Black soldiers leading to the massacre an camp Van Dorn. Although there is no solid evidence, the author said, that the United States government is directly involved in the sanctioned massacre.

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