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The Gift


Norma D'Aguilar

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The were born identical twins. At age seven days they were no longer identical twins. They were switched deliberately in the hospital and all birth papers altered. At age four years their names were changed on the suggestion of her catholic mentor. Reason is one child that is part of the identical twins had trouble adjusting to anything. At 15 years of age they became triplets in a bizarre incident.

The mother had long abandoned hope of finding her birth child. She was out shopping and saw a girl she believed to be the child she left at home. She forced her on a bus and took her to her home only to find her other two kids waiting for her. A whole history of deception was revealed. She was given her child plus the other woman's birth child.

She was a young woman fresh out of teachers college. All she wanted to do was rest and relax after a hard four years in an all girl Catholic college.

This could not happen with everyone trying to hook her with his or her son. She showed no interest until she came face to face with the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was the headmaster of the village highschool. He was there to offer her a job. They fell in love and later married. Their birth started the whole painful episode in their lives.

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