Chicago Book Expo 2000 Press Report # 5   by V. 'Yinka Vidal, OUTCRY Magazine

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Publishers Marketing Association Picture Page from the Chicago Book Expo 2000

PMA Dinner at Szechwan Restaurant

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Pat Bell's Table. Pat Bell is now a newly elected member of the PMA board

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Dan Poynter's Table: he is sitting at the left corner of the table working with the delicious food, the rest of the table looked on.

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See the delicious food as this happens to be my table

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This is Dan Poynter of Para Publications in his majesty giving a brief introduction of himself


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Here is me V. 'Yinka Vidal of OUTCRY Magazine introducing myself and giving a brief speech. Shel Horowitz was nice to have taken this particular  picture. Thanks Shel!

The Party was organized by Sharon Goldinger (in red on the left picture)

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Paul J Krupin a professional and effective P.R. person for books. He introduces himself with a little promotion

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Joy R. Butler (Principal)and her friend from Sashay Communications, LLC at the PMA Dinner

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Tordis llg Isselhardt  publisher of Images From the Past addresses the dinner group

Benjamin Franklin Award Dinner at the Marriot Hotel, Downtown Chicago
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Left is half across the room at the Benjamin Franklin Award, PMA at the Book Expo 2000

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Left are the Awardees, Above is Jan Nathan During the Award

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