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Algebra Tutor Volume 1

Algebra Tutor Volume 2

The Algebra Tutor (vol. #1) is designed as a self-help manual to enhance the math skills of students with limited background. The Algebra Tutor (vol.#2) is also a self-help manual designed for students who are college level, but yet are weak in certain Algebra and pre-calculus skills.

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This book is designed to challenge every child's ability to learn algebra

The Algebra Tutor, which is now selling at your near by neighborhood bookstores. In Jackson, MS. the book produced an Algebra award winner at one of the local high schools. The student had previously failed Algebra 1, but after working with this text for one year, came back to win the Algebra 1 award the following year.

The students have been successful not only in their school Algebra, but also on the state Algebra test as well.

The three Algebra classes that used this book scored higher than all of the other Algebra 1 classes in the same school.

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Powerful Evidence of Usefulness

Students who used The Algebra Tutor scored 2 to 5 points above the district average. We truly believe in this book and recommend you should try it.

In the back of the text, are word problems. Notice the unique way in which they are introduced to facilitate understanding and learning of algebra. The back of the text has a glossary and answers to all of the exercises.

After thoroughly examining The Algebra Tutor, we believe most people will agree that it is truly created to challenge every child's ability to learn.

Vol. I: ISBN# 0-9660970-0-9, $21.50 EA.   Vol.II: ISBN# 0-9660970-1-7, $21.50 EA.

New Book by Willie Thomas

Mother: My Teacher for Life

by Willie Thomas

The setting of the novel took place in a small southern country town of Tougaloo, Mississippi where neighbors were close and share with one another. .

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This novel starts sprouting in 1948. It is about a praying mother whose courage, prayers, unshaken faith and a relationship with her Lord, created a vision of her children developing into good productive citizens

The author shares many events that include, some of life's difficulties and victories of growing up in a family of six siblings in a small country town, his mother philosophy on how prayer changes things and how prayer became the weapon they used to handle deaths and successes. He also reveals the closeness between him and his mother.

The unforgettable teachings that the author received from his mother remains with him throughout his life and is living proof that they really work. These teachings produced the results that continue to bring him closer to God. He learns, through barely escaping death and going to jail, that home training and education alone was not enough to make it in this world successfully.

ISBN # 0-9660970-2-5, 126 pages, $10.96

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