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1. The People Guide to Deadly Drug Interactions, Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon, Ph.D., 434 pages, $25.95, St. Martins Press

2. The Christmas Card, William L. Bowersoek, 137 pages, $12.95, Sphinx Publishing, Sphinx International Inc.

3. Path To Glory: A Pictorial Celebration of the Santa Fe Trail, Jami Parkison, 132 pages, Highwater Editions

4. Love's Journey, Michael Gurian, 289 pages, $14.00, Shambhala Publications, Inc.

5. Taking Back America, Michael William Haga, 309 pages, $19.95, Acclaim Publishing

6. Handouts & Pickpockets, William P. Hoar, 207 pages, Huntington House Publishers

7. Everyone's Money Book, Jordan E. Goodman, 824 pages, Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc.

8. The First Note, Joy Tsoya Joslyn & Don Joslyn, 128 pages, Art Farm Productions

9. Menopause: The Inner Journey, Suzanne F. Fincher, 153 pages, $18.00, Shambhala Publications., Inc.

10. The Web of Life, Richard Louv, 258 pages, $14.95, Conan Press

11. How to create the Job you want, Raymond Gerson, 57 pages, $7.00, Enrichment Enterprises

12. Condom Nation: Blind faith, Bad Science, Richard A. Panzer, 160 pages, $12.00, Center for Educational Media

13. Stolen Innocence, Dr. Ivory L. Toldson, 139 pages, $24.95, Press and Products

14. Virtually Eliminated, Jefferson Scott, 333 pages, Questar Publishers, Inc.

15. Mindrobics, Steve Simms, 179 pages, Attitude Lifter Enterprises

16. Reclaiming Our Health, John Rubbins, 416 pages, $24.00, H. J. Kramer Inc.

17. After the Crash, Michael Haga, 260 pages, $19.95, Acclaim Publishing Co., Inc.

18. Habitual Domains, Po-Lung Yu, Ph.D., 198 pages, Highwater

19. In Search of Goodpussy: Living without love, Don Spears, 271 pages, $13.95,  

20. From Secretary Track to fast Track, Ken Lizotte & Barbara A. Litwak, 191 pages, $15.95, American Management Association

21. Shoestring Marketing, Lamy Mersereao, 172 pages, $14.95, Griffin Publishing

22. A Doctor's Plan for Chronic Digestive Troubles, Gerard Guillury, M.D., 203 pages, $14.95, Hartley & Marks Publishing, Inc.

23. Josh a boy with Dyslexia, Caroline Janover, 100 pages, $7.95, The Talman Company

24. How to locate anyone who is or had been in the military, Lt. Col. Richard S. Johnson, 268 pages, $19.95, Mie Publishing

25. The Home Buyer's Inspection Guide, Warren Boroson & Ken Austin, 228 pages, $19.95, John Wiley & Son, Inc.,

26. Super Nutrition for Men, Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., 211 pages, $19.95, M. Evans and Company, Inc.

27. Dream Girls 1996, 320 pages, $14.95, Horn Dance Press, Inc.

28. Collaboration, Benson Ebinne, Steal Grey, Mary Lott, Enoch Oglesby, and Suzann Steptoe, 104 pages, Rycraw Productions

29. Your Body's Many Cries for Water, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., 182 pages, $14.95, Global Health Solutions, Inc.

30. Embracing Our Essence, Susan Skog, 227 pages, $11.95, Health Communications, Inc.

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