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1.  Broken Feather: A Journey to Healing, Suzanne Stutman, 119 pages, $19.95, Manor House Publications, Inc.

2.  I Believe In Angels, Jerry Curry, PH.D. MFCC, 190 pages, $14.00, Win Publishing

3.  Chemo Chic, Mary Basso Klauba, 75 pages, Dry Bones,

4.  The Mindfield Years, Billy Tripp, 725 pages, $17.00, The Mindfield Press

5.  Step Back from the Exit, Jillayne Arena, 128 pages, $10.00, Zebulon Press

6.  Listening to Midlife, Mark Gerzon, 315 pages, $16.00, Shambhala Publications

7.  Oh No Steven, Elizabeth Burton, 59 pages, $12.95, Brandnen Publishing Company

8.  Living The Simple Life, Elaine St. James, 350 pages, $14.95, Hyperion

9. Tara's Angels, Kirk Moore, 157 pages, $16.00, H J Kramer Inc.

10.  Maitreya's Mission: Volume Two, Benjamin Creme, 718 pages, $18.00

11.  But We Have To Kill The Blonde, Sunny DeVese, 146 pages, $15.95, Clark Publishing

12.  Unholy Hungers, Barbara E. Hort, 264 pages, $16.00, Shambhala Publications, Inc.

13.  Overload, David Miller and Kenneth Blum, Ph.D.,188 pages, $10.95,    Andrews and McMeel, Universal Press Syndicate Company

14.  Nigger, Please, Dr. Rosie Milligan, 208 pages, $14.95, Professional Business Consltants

15.  Reprogramming Pain, Barry Bittman, M.D., 219 pages, Ablex Publishing Corporation

16.  Leadership with Heart: The Human Side of Management, Nancy's Mercurio's, 118 pages, $12.95, Written Image Publications

17.  Vanishing Republic, Mark Anthony, 384 pages, $24.97, Encore Publishing

18.  Make It a Winning Life, Wolf J. Rinke, Ph.D., 283 pages, $24.95, Achievement Publishers

19.  Headslap, John Klawitter and Deacon Jones, 569 pages, Prometheus Books

20.  Illumined Black, Mac Tonnies, 133 pages,  $9.95 pages, Phantom Press Publications

21.  From Conflict to Cooperation, Dr. Beverly Potter, 182 pages, $14.95, Ronin Publishing, Inc.,

22.  Maximum Achievement, Brian Tracy, 352 pages, $12.00, Fireside Rockefeller Center

23.  Life Is But A Dream, Marcia Wieder, 246 pages, $15.95,

24.  Straight White American Male, James and Taylor Overbey, Marin Publishers.

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