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Indisputable Beauty Queen of the Book Expo America:

Tina Jordan --  Press Office Director

OUTCRY Magazine Presents

Tina Jordan

of BookExpo America, April 28- May 3 1999 at Los Angeles California

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Tina Jordan

Book Expo America's Special Features 1999



bullet2. Independent Publisher Day


bullet3. BEA Rights Center


bullet4. Educational Sessions

Tina10.jpg (17663 bytes) Tina Jordan, Public Relations Manager BookExpo America.

Tina Jordan is not only a very attractive woman, she has a lot of brains to match her beauty. She is the press director of the BookExpo America (and the Public Relations Manager of the Expo) taking place in Los Angeles this year. Last year 1998, it was in Chicago where OUTCRY magazine briefly interviewed Tina.  There we initially exposed the elegance of this charming young woman.

She is a soft spoken and highly assertive and brilliantly intelligent director, who makes sure things are done no matter the problem.

Tina Shows great leadership and manages the press office very effectively. She is one of the smartest women in the field, where her beauty has not precluded her from doing her work well.

For more information about the Los Angeles BookExpo, please  E.mail Tina Jordan

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Tina Jordan Featuring at the 1998 BookExpo America in Chicago

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