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Food & health/overcoming life obstacles

1. Life isn't just a panic-- 2. Overcoming the invisible crime..about crises in hospital management--(both books)--OUTCRY News Page 3. Up from the ashes-life after a stroke--OUTCRY News Page 4.Where the heart is--OUTCRY News Page 5. A leaf falls..a bud blossoms..healing the wounded soul--Rachel Lieberman 6. The ultimate power..surviving a near death experience--OUTCRY News Page 7. Felling good food guide..allergy free food--New Books IV 8. Rainbow connection..the mystical--OUTCRY News Page

Biography/investigative journalism

1. Ashes to ashes..falsely accused of incest--OUTCRY News Page 2. Real police--James Prine 3. Condom nation-- 4. Fall of the house of Gacy-- 5.Hamilton..an impressionist painter--6. Elizabeth..recovery from suicide--(four books in a group)--OUTCRY News Page7. Death by media--Tony Vercillo

Science and fictions

1. Slavic proverbs..mother's words of wisdom--OUTCRY News Page 2. My opinions..incest an illegitimacy--3. Face on Mars--(both books)--Dr. Lant's page 4. The refuge of night-vampire!--OUTCRY News Page 5. Secrets of gravity and motion--Henry H. Gwillim

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