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Lara Publications Inc. Book Promotion Dept. 12382 Trail Forest Ln. Florissant, MO 63033
Free Author's Promotion

FREE Services to Promote Your Book!

A. Free Book Listing on Our On-line Titles

Directions: Print  and fill out the author and book information form and submit with your book and press release. Click here to load form

B. Send your Article For On-line Publications

Guidelines For On-line Articles: Send your article  to us at the above address and not more than a regular page. Please submit article telling stories about what motivated you to write the book and what readers can learn from your book. Submit to us using the above address with Microsoft Word Program submitted in a disc. Please mail this to us with a copy of your book and author and book information form

C. Book Give Away Promotion

We have received many requests from authors who want to utilize "Author's Book Give Away" marketing to promote their books -- similar to what is done yearly at the National Book Expo. In response to so many requests, we are placing this page on-line as a FREE marketing for any author, publisher or marketing company interested. It was also mentioned by some authors that it is not a good idea for them to be giving away books from their sites, but it will however be better done by a third party like us -- Lara Publications. The argument is that, if a site is in a habit of giving books away, people will more likely want to continue to log onto the site to receive free books there by diminishing the author's ability to sell books at regular price. Consequently, Lara Publication decided to add this to our regular author's marketing program.

Objective of the Program

The primary objective of this program is to give books and authors more exposure through on-line marketing by giving the books to limited number of on-line customers for FREE. The customer will in turn agree to review the book and pass  order information to friends, co-worker or neighbors. The review will be sent directly from the customer to the author. If the author accepts the book review and see it be beneficial, the review is forwarded to OUTCRY Magazine Managing Editor and be placed in monthly book review section of the on-line magazine at no cost to the author or publisher.

Free Book Promotion: Guidelines for Authors and Publishers

1. Books to be given away should be considered review copies and be stamped "Complimentary Copy Not For Sale." In this way, nobody will be able to sell the book.

2. Damaged books that can not be sold or books utilized by other reviewers can be included. Please avoid giving away a badly damaged book of which practice can be counter productive.

3. Do not send more than a dozen books to Lara Publication to start this FREE marketing program.

4. Utilize author and book information sheet to submit your book. Click here Author Info Sheet

5. Authors should include a synopsis in each book and a  blank form for book order which should include a discount.

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