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NEW BOOK: Closer Walk With Jesus by 'Yinka Vidal, due for release summer 2010

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President Clinton

Clara Vallarosa

Terri Gross - Fresh Air NPR

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Donna Brazile

Jan Nathan - PMA

Protecting Animals

Los Angeles Book Expo 2003         Book Reviews

Book News: Chicago National Conference on Medical Errors -  June 1, 2004
Coming Soon: Divine Interventions - My Conversations With God by 'Yinka Vidal
Speaking Out About Problems by Dr. Sandra Foster Billingslea

Malcolm X - Seeker of Justice by Magnus O. Bassey

Managing Crises on the Job by 'Yinka Vidal
Molested Angel - Searching for Love Without Trust  by Dian Fields
MackDaddy: Legacy of a Gangsta by Darrell A. King Sr.
The House on South Street  by John L Bisol
The Gift by Norma D'Aguil
A View from The Helm by Bill Helm
A Story of forbidden Lust Within the Family by Brenda Billups
101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors by Yinka Vidal
Black and Still Here by Jeffrey D. Swain
Survival Story of an Abused Wife by Tonya Blount
Network Marketing by  Dr. Adams Agahiu
What Holds the Family Together by Dolly Braida
The Sorceress of Atunluck by Aaron Dean Hall
The Amazing Stories of Deeva Denez by Deeva Denez 
Book Promotion Special
New York Book Expo 2002 - Book Expo at the BIG Apple

Press coverage report of the Chicago Book Expo 2001

Understanding Muslim-West Alienation: Building a Better Future by Arshad Khan
National Campaign to Prevent Medical Errors: 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors!


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Understanding Muslim-West Alienation: Building a Better Future by Arshad Khan

Author Unknown, Author Undaunted
Peaceful Solution Character Building
Absolute Responsibility, Strict Accountability
Book Expo 2001 Highlights of Book Expo 2000
Chicago Book Expo 2001 --- Press Report! Book Expo 2000 Press Report
Special Books at the Chicago Book Expo 2001
Books: An Excellent Book Choice
wpe1F.jpg (40027 bytes) Judy Weyand's New Children's Book: The Patchwork Angel

A Wonderful Book for children

The Patchwork Angel is a children’s book that allows both the reader and listener to recognize the main character as someone special in their own life.

In the story, LaLa comes to a family in need and provides so much more than the Want Ad required. She influences two generations of children with values and attitudes that are taught by her gentle and loving spirit.

Complete Press Coverage of the Chicago Book Expo Outcry June, 2000
OUTCRY Magazine #12 Chicago Book Expo Special Issue: July, 2000
Book Expo Special Authors and Books: Self-Help and Educational Books
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And Yet He Lived? by Barker and Searchwell

A Very Shocking Story of a Former Gang Member Becomes a School Administrator!

An inspirational book

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Democratic National Convention from Los Angeles 2000
Pictures from 1996 Convention in Chicago
National News

OUTCRY Magazine Report



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Jean Stuckenshnider Says, Have a Nice Day! From Lara Publications

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Lola Vidal Says, Hello! From OUTCRY Magazine

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7. Book Review of In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant
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10.LA BookExpo Press Coverage     Surviving Office Politics
11.Pope Paul Visits St. Louis Missouri   Pope's Parade
12.Why Wives are Abandoning the Bedroom
13.Dr. Edwin Witt: Survival story of an African American Doctor

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Horror! As you like it with Lena Banks by CVK Publishing

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The story of St. Nicholas - a little boy with a wish by Harry B. Knights Nicholas

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MOLESTED- Sins of Her Parents

The true story of Susan Henshawl and the after effects of sexual abuse within the family

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